Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bugs Bunny and Creative Juice


I honestly have no idea what to write about... school and theatre have sponged up all of those creative juices in my head.
 That's such an gross metaphor... creative juices.  I just get an image of this nasty green brain juice sloshing around inside a cranium when a creative thought pops in.
 Or a juice box that you drink out of to magically become creative. I could definitely see that being on some awkward infomercial: 

"Tired of being boring? Have nothing to talk about at parties? Well this is the product for you! Drink creative juice and become creative INSTANTLY!"

I could use some of that right about now.

SO I'm finishing this post tomorrow. Let the awkward pause commence. 

YAY awkward pause over. It's actually tomorrow... I mean i literally started this on Saturday night, couldn't think of anything, and am starting it again 1 hour before it's due.


I think I'm going to blog about my voice lesson. That sounds interesting.

Well, today at voice, I realized I have a TONGUE of problems! (HAHA! Excuse the bad pun and the awkwardness of me laughing at myself)
Tongue problems.
When I sing, my tongue pulls back, which obstructs the sound.
Which is obviously not good.

So I had to do two fun-a-licious tongue exercises today.
I had to hold a pencil under my tongue and try to sing "AH" while doing it.
And I also had to literally hold my tongue outside of my mouth while I also sang "AH."
They were kind of failures. 
BUT they'll help me in the future, for auditions (T-MINUS 6 DAYS UNTIL LES MIS AUDITIONS) and recitals and performances (T-MINUS 4 DAYS UNTIL OPENING NIGHT OF BRIGADOON) and such.
So yeah. Awesome.

** This passage exhibits ethos through the authors addition of her personal experiences.
Now I have some academic stuff in here :)
That's all, folks!
I actually used to be obsessed with Bugs Bunny as a kid. My sister and I would sit around and watch them on my dad's computer for entire days when we were kids.

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