Saturday, October 29, 2011

Distractions, Distractions

Papers. My favorite.
Even though I've never been a fan of papers, I've always been good at writing them. I've never had to prepare that much in advance to write a crazy paper for a class. Even Honors classes in high school, I always wrote the paper either a day or a couple days before the due date and really didn't revise them very much.

This paper was different. I ended up reading the article on which the paper was to be based about two weeks before the paper was due; a record for me. Even though the annotations on the article were an assignment.  I also wrote the first rough draft a week before the paper was actually due. I thought that I was being EXTREMELY productive.

Then came the week before the paper was due. That was also the week that I discovered that Pandora had a Disney station on it, which added to all the distractions in my house. I rediscovered my love for some Disney movies that I haven't seen in YEARS, sometimes at the expense of working on my paper. 

I actually can't listen to music at all while I work. I used to be able to; I could tune out the words and focus. I don't know why, but now I can't. I put on music and try to do any sort of homework, or any work where I need to think a little,  and I just can't focus on both of those things at once. I guess I'm just bad at multitasking, contrary to the female stereotype :)

I was also stressing out about my Halloween costume this week... I had to figure out something low-maintenance and easy to get quickly.

A side note about Disney: the music from Tarzan is actually EPIC. Phil Collins is actually kind of a musical genius... and IT HAS SO MANY KEY CHANGES. And I love me some key changes :)

BUT we got to work on the paper all week in class, which helped A LOT. I think I made a large percentage of my revisions in class, and it was so nice to have my classmates revise it for me. It was nice to have their input, and I implemented almost all of them. I think it made my paper so much better.

DANG. Someone just rode across the street in front of my house with a moped... I wish I had one. 
Oops. Another distraction. 
Hah :)

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  1. Geez you sound like me. When I read this I kept thinking about those cartoons when the dog is doing something then hears the word "squirrel" and that's that. I don't know if that makes any does in my head :)