Sunday, November 27, 2011


Sad. No one guessed my modes...
Shame shame.
Ehh WHATEVER. Here they are!

The suspense was killing you, wasn't it? :)
1. Narration
2. Definition
3. Example
4. Cause and Effect
5. Description
6. Comparison/Contrast
I hope I wrote these right!

Friday, November 25, 2011

An AMBITIOUS Attempt at Rhetorical Mode-ing

This actually was an ambitious attempt. I spent most of an hour writing this  :) 
Oops, emoticon. That was bad, I won't do it again. Pinky promise.

1. My teeth were clenched and my fists balled up instinctively as the first notes of the selection were played on the piano. The beauty of the song struck me and, like the forceful rush of water when a river dam collapses, desire suddenly coursed through my veins. This was my dream role; I wanted this part more than I had wanted anything before, and I was going to do whatever was necessary until I would be up on the stage, portraying this character, immersing myself in its beauty and depth, completely surrendering my soul to the role of Fantine.

2. Ambition is an intense desire to achieve some sort of goal or honor, and the persistence to overcome obstacles in order to do this. Ambition can be prevalent in any type of person, and can pertain to any type of goal or achievement. Ambition, if it engulfs one's entire being, can take an enormous toll on one's life, such as causing one to lose the respect of others or to neglect other aspects of life.

3. Rachel Berry, one of the main characters on Glee, shows a huge amount of ambition when she tries to obtain the various theatrical or academic achievements presented to her throughout the course of the show. This ambition, even though it usually yields positive results for her, effects her very negatively. This happened pretty recently on the show, when she decided to run for senior class president because it would help her to get into the college she wanted to go to. She ended up running against one of her best friends, Kurt, which almost ruined their friendship.

4. Ambition is caused by an intense desire for something. This desire can lead to many different outcomes. Since the desire is so strong, the results can be positive for some people. Some can get what they want by simply wanting it. Other times this doesn't work out so well. Extreme ambition can also affect people negatively, such as causing them to inadvertently damage important relationships beyond repair or causing immense sadness if the achievement is not gained.

5. Sweat formed above her brow, her knuckles white from clutching the rope for five endless minutes. The jeers from her classmates and her gym teacher's incessant whistling were blocked out, her juvenile, fourth-grade mind became focused on one task, and one task only...

6. Ambition and enthusiasm are two very different concepts. Enthusiasm takes a copious amount of energy; outward energy fueled by extroversion. Ambition can be kept silent, it doesn't need to be externalized. It can still be present underneath the surface of a person, his or her drive can be invisible.


Ready for some RANDOM RAMBLINGS *so punny* before my educational post from the land of academia?

That's right you are.

My family and I went up to our cabin for Thanksgiving. It's actually been so relaxing. 
In many more ways than one.

Like, how I've gone without doing any homework for two full days?
Or that I got to go exploring in the woods the other day? (not actually exploring, we knew where we were going, but we found this crazy teepee)
Or that the stress of waiting for cast lists is now done with?
Or that I kind of just get to eat whatever, whenever? Come on, who doesn't love eating brownies and 11 at night, and who doesn't do that on holidays?


Just kidding. If I could see you right now, I have a feeling your hand would be raised. Because you're just so interested in my life and I, with all of my amazing mind-reading superpowers, know exactly what you're thinking.

My cabin's also near a cute little town called Walker, where they had this little parade that we went to with my little cousins tonight.
It was really cute, like all of the Christmas lights and the cute little businesses that had their floats, but I actually got candy thrown at me.
Literally, some guy came up to me and threw candy aimed at my body.
It was a tad freaky, and all the candy was gross, but it's definitely something to laugh at.

SO, that would be it.
Time to go write about RHETORICAL MODES. MY FAVORITE.
Adios, amigos.

Sunday, November 20, 2011



I watched "How to Train Your Dragon" for the first time after a show this weekend, and it's SO CUTE.  Even though I could only watch the beginning, up until the point where Hiccup and Astrid were riding Toothless, but still. I loved it and after I finish this blog post I will be finishing it.

Guess what.
My show just ended.
That's right. The Brigz is no more.
And, even though it hasn't hit me yet that we won't rush to the auditorium after school on Monday to cake on our stage makeup and make sure our hair is perfectly curled, I know I'm going to miss it so much.

Brigadoon was my first show at Wayzata High School, all my shows that I'd done before this were at my middle school or at Bluewater. It was such a different experience than either of those.

I was surprised by all of the traditions that we do at Wayzata. I obviously can't write them on here because I don't know which ones are *secret* or not, but I loved experiencing all of them. And I love how everyone gets so emotionally invested in all of the traditions, it shows how much theatre at Wayzata means to everyone there.

I'm so honored to have been a part of that.

I also made so many new friends during this show, and got closer to friends that I already had. It will be so much sadder for me when the seniors graduate this year now that I've gotten close to the seniors who were in Brigadoon. I'm so excited to continue getting closer to my junior, sophomore, and freshman friends, and I can't wait to do another show with all of them.

If anyone from the cast of Brigadoon is reading this, I love you so much and this experience has meant so much to me. I'll miss you all so much.

Well, now I have to go practice for a callback audition I have today for my favorite show ever. And IT SNOWED YESTERDAY. What?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wednesday Night Playlists

Just procrastinating. You know me ;) *cliche winkay face*
P.S. Never use winky faces. Ever.
Because I told you so, that's why.

Logical fallacy alert. That would be a false claim to authority.

HAH. Look what this class is doing to me.
Who wants a playlist from Kara?
"ME! ME! ME!" *enthusiastic screaming and hand raising ensues*
That's right you want a playlist from me. And you'll get the BEST. ONE. EVER.

Here we go.

1. Crash - The Summer Set
MY FAVORITE BAND EVER. Seriously. Check them out NOW. You can listen to The Summer Set's music FOR FREE on their Myspace page in my bee-you-tiful blog list.

2. Uptown Girl - The Glee Cast
WARBLERS.  Love. Deliciousness. Gah.

3. Drunk and in Love - Brookline Drive
Another good one. Super catchy and fun; definitely a good one to belt out with the windows down. And the "I'm in love with the way you do your hair" part is so adorable. I'd actually scream if a guy ever said that to me and meant it. 

4. Set Fire to the Rain - Adele
Lets face it. Any Adele song is pretty much a super mainstream by now. But that's because she's FREAKING AMAZING. This is actually so fun to just go crazy in your room singing when you're home alone. I definitely have :) 

5. Kiss the Girl - The Little Mermaid
Classic. Anything from Disney is just classic. I've been actually obsessed with this song lately.

6. Your Song - Elton John
Another classic. The lyrics to this song are SO ADORABLE, and Elton John sounds so good singing it. PLUS it's in Moulin Rouge, which makes it 2000x better.

7. Faster - Matt Nathanson
SUPES ADORBS. But actually, this song's another cute one. Guys, if you sing, these are some hints for you if you're ever in a situation that requires singing to a certain girl who shall remain nameless... :)

8. Deer in the Headlights - Owl City
I love Adam Young. His lyrics are so refreshingly random and different from anything else you hear on the radio these days. This is a good one of his off Owl City's new album, "All Things Bright and Beautiful," which is a super schnazzy title for an album, I think.

9. Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) - Katy Perry
Definitely a crazy pump-up song for parties. Love.

10. Summer Girl - Jessica Andrews
The country girl comes out. Actually, even though I've pretty much lived in Minnesota all my life besides my first three years in Colorado, I actually believe that I should live in the South somewhere. I think I might have lived there in a past life, if you believe in reincarnations of the soul and stuff like that. But yeah, this is a fun song too; another windows-down, hair blowing in the wind, road trip with your best friends kind of song :)

YAY for Wednesday night playlists!
Check them out, though! I promise you'll be glad you did :) 

Procrastination terminated. 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Computers to the eXtreme

COMPUTERS. The little box with the big "X" by it on page 126 of eXtended Language lists a bunch of issues that they have. 

I actually don't think that there's a crazy amount of problems with computers, seeing as that a huge percentage of the information we have today would be accessible without them. And our speedy communication is possible with them too.

If you've talked to your friend on Facebook recently, then you know what I'm talking about.

If you've tweeted about the "BESTEST THNG U & UR BFF DID THE OTHR DAY THT WUZ SEW FUNNAY," then you know that I"m talking about.

If you've sent an e-mail to your teacher with your crazy-long, large percentage of your grade's worth paper that you spent days and days working on *cough* RHETORICAL ANALYSIS *cough,* then you know what I'm talking about.

Don't get me wrong, I definitely know that computer have issues. I totally get that we don't talk face-to-face as much as we type over social networking sites. I know that there's creepers out there that make false usernames and go creep on people. I know that there's a bunch of illegal pornography out on computers.

I just think that computers benefit our society more than they harm it.
People wouldn't be able to go up on the Moon, make great movies, or potentially figure out the cure for cancer without them.

That's all, y'all! :)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bugs Bunny and Creative Juice


I honestly have no idea what to write about... school and theatre have sponged up all of those creative juices in my head.
 That's such an gross metaphor... creative juices.  I just get an image of this nasty green brain juice sloshing around inside a cranium when a creative thought pops in.
 Or a juice box that you drink out of to magically become creative. I could definitely see that being on some awkward infomercial: 

"Tired of being boring? Have nothing to talk about at parties? Well this is the product for you! Drink creative juice and become creative INSTANTLY!"

I could use some of that right about now.

SO I'm finishing this post tomorrow. Let the awkward pause commence. 

YAY awkward pause over. It's actually tomorrow... I mean i literally started this on Saturday night, couldn't think of anything, and am starting it again 1 hour before it's due.


I think I'm going to blog about my voice lesson. That sounds interesting.

Well, today at voice, I realized I have a TONGUE of problems! (HAHA! Excuse the bad pun and the awkwardness of me laughing at myself)
Tongue problems.
When I sing, my tongue pulls back, which obstructs the sound.
Which is obviously not good.

So I had to do two fun-a-licious tongue exercises today.
I had to hold a pencil under my tongue and try to sing "AH" while doing it.
And I also had to literally hold my tongue outside of my mouth while I also sang "AH."
They were kind of failures. 
BUT they'll help me in the future, for auditions (T-MINUS 6 DAYS UNTIL LES MIS AUDITIONS) and recitals and performances (T-MINUS 4 DAYS UNTIL OPENING NIGHT OF BRIGADOON) and such.
So yeah. Awesome.

** This passage exhibits ethos through the authors addition of her personal experiences.
Now I have some academic stuff in here :)
That's all, folks!
I actually used to be obsessed with Bugs Bunny as a kid. My sister and I would sit around and watch them on my dad's computer for entire days when we were kids.