Friday, November 25, 2011

An AMBITIOUS Attempt at Rhetorical Mode-ing

This actually was an ambitious attempt. I spent most of an hour writing this  :) 
Oops, emoticon. That was bad, I won't do it again. Pinky promise.

1. My teeth were clenched and my fists balled up instinctively as the first notes of the selection were played on the piano. The beauty of the song struck me and, like the forceful rush of water when a river dam collapses, desire suddenly coursed through my veins. This was my dream role; I wanted this part more than I had wanted anything before, and I was going to do whatever was necessary until I would be up on the stage, portraying this character, immersing myself in its beauty and depth, completely surrendering my soul to the role of Fantine.

2. Ambition is an intense desire to achieve some sort of goal or honor, and the persistence to overcome obstacles in order to do this. Ambition can be prevalent in any type of person, and can pertain to any type of goal or achievement. Ambition, if it engulfs one's entire being, can take an enormous toll on one's life, such as causing one to lose the respect of others or to neglect other aspects of life.

3. Rachel Berry, one of the main characters on Glee, shows a huge amount of ambition when she tries to obtain the various theatrical or academic achievements presented to her throughout the course of the show. This ambition, even though it usually yields positive results for her, effects her very negatively. This happened pretty recently on the show, when she decided to run for senior class president because it would help her to get into the college she wanted to go to. She ended up running against one of her best friends, Kurt, which almost ruined their friendship.

4. Ambition is caused by an intense desire for something. This desire can lead to many different outcomes. Since the desire is so strong, the results can be positive for some people. Some can get what they want by simply wanting it. Other times this doesn't work out so well. Extreme ambition can also affect people negatively, such as causing them to inadvertently damage important relationships beyond repair or causing immense sadness if the achievement is not gained.

5. Sweat formed above her brow, her knuckles white from clutching the rope for five endless minutes. The jeers from her classmates and her gym teacher's incessant whistling were blocked out, her juvenile, fourth-grade mind became focused on one task, and one task only...

6. Ambition and enthusiasm are two very different concepts. Enthusiasm takes a copious amount of energy; outward energy fueled by extroversion. Ambition can be kept silent, it doesn't need to be externalized. It can still be present underneath the surface of a person, his or her drive can be invisible.

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