Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Index.

Analysis (n., see Rhetoric): 
The main activity we perform in AP Comp class, something you're supposed to do instead of summarize.
Appeals; pathos, ethos, logos (n.): 
Rhetorical elements that you're always supposed to use and identify, but never by their real names.
BLAH (n.): 
A conglomeration of un-enjoyable, statistic-ridden books read with extra-enjoyable people, ex. Freakonomics, Outliers
Blogging (n., see Procrastination):
An introduction into the web world, something in which I still can't figure out how to get all the bold words to go away, a mode of procrastination through which I switch the backgrounds and text colors all the time just for fun.
Cardona, Mrs. (n.): 
Teacher, induces mini-heart attacks of happiness whenever she comments on my blog.
Comic Sans (n.):
A font that we've been forbidden to use in this class, and ever again, for fear of being portrayed as a, "45-year old housewife who is slightly chubby in the knees (and who refuses to wear short skirts or shorts for this reason even though it's no big deal) and who work as a secretary only halftime, so she has a lot of free time on her hands." (love, Cardona's font sheet) 

Cult (n., see BLAH):
Our epic group of five that sat near Cardona's desk second term, members include Andrew, Julia, Shreya, and Meredith.
Emoticons (n.): 
Something we're never EVER supposed to use, even though I use them in my blog all the time. ex. :) :P :D :O ;)
Procrastination (n.): 
the story of this class; shown through neglecting to write multiple essay drafts and staying up until 1:00 AM the night before Power Writing is due. 
Power Writing (n.):
A super fun time in class where we write an essay a day during a week, or do some tasks. An activity in which Cardona saw me express my angst in an email to myself... awkward.
Rhetoric (n., see Analysis):
Writing that we analyze within an inch of its life, something we should probably know how to define by now.
Sanger, Margaret (n.): 
SPEECH. ANALYSIS. TERROR. Keeps showing up everywhere (i.e. my APUSH project)
Schaefer, Ruth (n., see Valentine, Jessica): 
Sat by first term, sharer of epic love for The Summer Set, speech analysis/gossip buddy, the camera MASTER

Valentine, Jessica (n., see Schaefer, Ruth): 
Sat by first term, speech analysis/gossip buddy, sharer of Power Writing angst
50 Essays (n.): 
The book I seem to forget every day, even on finals days. The book that Andrew so kindly shares with me every time I forget it.

Sorry about the awkward spaces, I'm just a tad technologically impaired, even though we've been working on this blog since September.

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