Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dear Me...

Hey, Kara of the past.
How's it going? I hope you're not getting yourself into too much trouble. *wink wink*
I'd just like to give you some pointers about what you should and should not do in your near, and also not-so-near, future. Just preparing you, you're going to be making  A LOT of mistakes when you get older. There's no way around that. Everyone does, but you'll probably think that you make WAY more than everyone else. Because I tend to overanalyze things, which means that you will also.
SO here we go.

If you make a good friend, do as much as you can to keep that friend from going away. Sometimes they'll come back and you'll be friends again, but sometimes it doesn't work that way. If you really want to keep someone in your life, you should work at it.

If you like a boy, YOU SHOULD TELL HIM. GET YOUR COWARDLY BUTT UP AND TELL THIS BOY ASAP. Sometimes this boy will have a girlfriend when you want to tell him. Or your friendship will have dried up like a raisin by the time you get your courage up. Don't wait a year and two months. Don't even wait one month. Tell him right away. I guarantee you that you'll be happier if you do :)

Audition for shows like crazy. It'll prepare you for future auditions and make your nervousness go down. Trust me, you will have more and more pre-auditon/show/and such nerves the older you get.

If you don't like a boy that happens to like you, you shouldn't not tell him. Let him know kind of as soon as you realize this so all negative feelings can be spared as much as possible.

Try your hardest to keep your temper and sarcasm under control. Many fights with the ole' parentals will be spared if you try bite your tongue when they're trying to tell you something you've done wrong.  

KEEP SINGING. Never stop. I don't care if people say you're singing too loud. Don't stop doing it. I know you love it, because I do :)

Also try not to overanalyze everything. This will save you countless hours of sitting up in bed and stewing over something useless. So much angst will be saved. And then you can focus on the positive elements of your life and act on those the most.

Live life to the absolute fullest. This sounds cliche, and I know how much cliches annoy you, but its true. Even though I'm only a youngun of a measly 16 years, I know this. If you don't take risks, if you don't jump in and do something that you never thought you'd do, you'll regret it. And regret is one of the worst feelings ever. Try something you've never tried, make a friend in someone you never thought you'd be friends with, something of that nature.

All right, that's all the advice I have for you right now. I'm just going to let you know in advance that you will have an absolutely amazing life. You'll have family and friends who support you and love you, no matter how many stupid things you do. You'll have opportunities for experiences you could have never imagined. You'll have sadness and heartache, but you'll also have joy and happiness.
Enjoy the ride! :)

Kara of the future/present ♥ 

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