Thursday, December 29, 2011

Get these off your lawn, please.

My dear holiday-crazed neighbors,
Thank you so much for brightening up our dull little cul-de-sac with your innovative holiday lawn decorations. It's such a thrill when I pull into my driveway at night and am greeted by this:
Or this:
They're my favorite. 
The fact that they GLOW at night just makes it that much better.

It's not like our dinner guests comment on how repulsive they are when they can see them from our dining room window.
Nah, no way. 
They add excitement and flair to the rest of the boring old houses in our cul-de-sac. We all just stick with the regular lights, and we all wish that we were as inspirational and exciting as you are.

It's even BETTER that my house is right in between the two houses that put these up every year. We have a snowman on our right and a Santa on our left.

We may just even have to invest in one of these:
Or festoon our house with some of these:

Just to keep up with you guys.

The Classy Home-Decorator

P.S. Too bad the people in the snowman house moved. Now we just have a Santa to look at. Boo hoo.

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