Saturday, December 3, 2011

Cracking Open some Memories

I've been reminded of by this posting prompt how nasty and old and full of crap my desk is. My desk, the one I've had in my room since I was six, I haven't cleaned out for years. SO, now that we have to write about the "dumpsters" in our own lives, I picked my desk.

I'm going to rummage around in this big pile of dandy objects and find four or five interesting ones to write about for this RIGHT NOW. Leggo.

1. Japanese Cherry Blossom Room Spray
I don't really know what this says about me, just that I like my room to smell nice, but I remember that I got it for Christmas in my stocking a couple of years ago, so whenever I spray it, it always reminds me of my family's Christmas morning tradition. We always sleep in, all four members of my immediate family are notorious night owls, and open presents when we wake up. We're all in our pajamas sitting around the tree, and it's the best feeling ever to be together. Then we all go eat breakfast, when my sister Sarah makes these delicious apple bundles she learned how to make in FCS in eighth grade. It's the same every year, and I love it :) The spray also smells awesome. I definitely just sprayed it right now.

2. A Birthday Card from my best friend
The second drawer down in my desk is dubbed "The Save Drawer," where I save all my cards/important documents that I never want to lose. With ten years of stuff in there, it's almost full! I  opened it and the first thing I found was birthday cards from last year, MY SWEET SIXTEEN, and I found the one that my best friend Estefania gave me. Estefania's such an important person in my life; I love her so much and I know I can talk to her about anything and everything. We're crazy when we're together, like when we scream at each other from different ends of the hall during passing time. Reading her birthday card just reminded me that we've been friends for two years now, we met freshman year in math class, which is amazing.

3. A Pack of Rubber Bands
Ugh... braces rubber bands. I'm assuming that the majority of people who have braces have to wear them? I know I did and I'm not very educated when it comes to orthodontics. I'm SO GLAD I have my braces off and all my dental procedures finished. The rubber bands just remind me of all the crazy mouth-related problems I've had in my adolescence so far, I had to have teeth pulled, braces, gum surgery, and an addition to a small tooth, and I'm so glad they're done. It was worth it though, I'm happy with my smile now :)
4. A Big Pile of Old Sheet Music
This big pile of old sheet music is from eighth grade I think, back when I was in Chambers at East Middle School and taking voice lessons from Mrs. Baker. This was also when I was in the 7th/8th grade girls ACDA Honor Choir. Ah, nostalgia. The songs in here range from theatre songs, I'm not going to look through all the folded up ones but I think "I Dreamed a Dream" is in there somewhere (which is definitely significant now), choral pieces, and Italian arias. This all just reminds me of how far I've come in my vocal training, and the possibilities of where I have to go. It's exciting and nerve-wracking all at the same time, and I can't wait to see what's in store for me.

5. My Diary from Kindergarten
SECRET TIME! My deepest, darkest secrets that I wouldn't want ANYONE TO KNOW EVER are in this diary from when I was a young whippersnapper. Like how I wished I was a princess (I was such a cliche), or how I liked to play with my friend Bridget, or how some kid in my class named Alex was mean, or how I was "in love" with this kid named Joey and we kissed on the lips. Just kidding, they're actually not deep dark secrets, they just show how odd of a kid I was :) I also had really bad handwriting; I wrote my "y's" backwards for years. It's just weird to think that I don't remember any of this stuff that happened, and that I'm so much older now and think so differently.

THAT'S IT, Y'ALL. I actually really enjoyed going through my old stuff, it totally reminded me of my past and showed me how fast time actually goes. Even though all of us teenagers want to get older and be independent, we should cherish the time that we have with our parents and in high school and enjoy every second. 
Later, gators.

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