Sunday, September 11, 2011

Why I Write

Let's talk about my writing experiences, shall we?
I've done A LOT of writing in my life. Haven't we all? We've all been in school and been forced to write papers and journals and all of that academic stuff. I remember in fifth grade when we had to write a story about our trip to Duluth. We had to write the entire thing in blue erasable pen and in cursive. That was definitely not a fun experience.
Sometimes I write because I'm forced to. I write because it's a requirement for a class, even if it's a prompt that I have no desire to respond to. I write because I want to get an A.
Other times, I write for myself. I write stories and poems because I need to get my feelings out on paper or on a computer screen. Even if the stories or poems are unfinished, which most of them are, it helps me to vent my emotions. I write stories about things that I wish were happening to me. Sometimes I live vicariously through my story's main characters. It's fun to write that way.
I also write to communicate things to people. If it's a simple text message or a note in class, a long, handwritten birthday card to a friend, or a scribbled message for my parents on a Post-It note that says that someone called our house when they were gone.
In short, there are many reasons why I write, when I do write. It's fun sometimes and definitely not fun other times. It's a way to be creative, show off your style and talents, and make your deepest emotions known to others.
PHEW. Done :)

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